Vale Paraíso

A sea of possibilites situated in Nazaré

Vale Paraíso is your point of discovery for a memorable experience. Inserted in the largest ecological reserve of pines of the Iberian Peninsula, it is a natural refuge with more than 10 hectares.

Surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese coast, located in Leiria, at 2 km from the typical fishing village of Nazaré, Vale Paraíso combines well-being with nature.


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Resort Vale Paraíso, a unique place that combines the best of both worlds.

Close to one of the most beautiful beaches of Nazaré and Portugal. Located in the extensive forest area of the Leiria National Park, near the center of the village, the Resort of Vale Paraíso is a unique place that combines the best of both worlds. Relax. Enjoy. Enjoy all the feeling of well-being here in the heart of Nazaré. Resort Vale Paraíso offers a set of services to achieve the desired peace. With infinite options for leisure and relaxation, our Resort guarantees all the serenity in the activities you are looking for. If you seek to enjoy all the culture and tradition of Nazaré. If you are looking to unwind after a long day of surfing or an extensive walk through Mother Nature, our Resort is the right choice.


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Venture yourself out and contemplate the vastness of Nazaré. Vale Paraíso NaturPark is a place of discovery where you will want to miss. From camping to caravanning, feel the freedom to choose and let the pleasure of nature flow.

Group of friends enjoying NaturPark at Vale Paraíso

Your actions are driven by this place. In NaturPark there is always place for you regardless of what you are looking for. We get to enjoy nature in its purest state. The bike path opens up for cycling, skateboarding and skating enthusiasts. The rails designed for pedestrian circuits and for long walks. The tranquility of horseback riding along the beach. Inserted in one of the largest reserves of pines in Europe, we offer a unique experience. From camping to caravanning, the Vale Paradise NaturPark is a place that will make you feel special.

Nazaré Beach Apartments

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A unique experience in the heart of Nazaré.

Located in the heart of Nazaré, near the most emblematic beaches, but in different locations are the Nazaré Beach Apartments. We know that everyone is looking for unique experiences. As such, we offer a range of options so that you can make the most of all the opportunities this historic villa offers you.

Nature combines with Nazaré

Nature combines with Nazaré and it is a privilege to enjoy all that it gives us. In order to protect what surrounds us, the Vale Paraiso changed. Our Resort is greener and NaturPark more conscious without compromising the comfort of our guests.

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Nazaré's beach near Vale Paraíso


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