Swimming pool



At Vale Paraiso, fun is guaranteed thanks to our waterslide attraction.


Waterslide attraction for the whole family


Children and teenagers alike are going to have the time of their lives at Vale Paraiso with our waterslide attraction.
A fun and exciting adventure, where they can choose from a range of slides to head down with their friends until reaching the enormous cascade of water awaiting them at the bottom.
Our waterslide attraction has a variety of slides at different heights, so it is not just ideal for small children, but for teenagers and adults too!
Gliding over the water round exhilarating curves or in hydro-tubes with thrilling turns, before a final splash to safely end your ride in a pool full of water.


Heated pool and Spa, a different way to enjoy the water


At Vale Paraiso you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant swim between 1st June and 15th September, without having to worry about the outside temperature! That’s because our main pool is heated.
Have a swim with your friends and family whenever you want thanks to the enjoyable experience and wellbeing offered by our pool, with temperatures adapted to the weather conditions.
We also have an attractive Spa, which you are able to enjoy year-round. Our Spa is indoors and has all the facilities you need to rest and relax. An unbeatable way to spend your holiday at Vale Paraiso.