We often travel with the aim of self-catering, which is why we look for accommodation that has a kitchen, and then we pack our bags with all the food we will need for our stay. However, we often have to leave some food or ingredients behind due to lack of space or too much baggage.


This can mean we drive around frustratingly looking for a close by supermarket or market.


At Vale Paraíso we understand all that, which is why all our Bungalows and apartments have kitchens, so you can cook your favourite food. 


Additionally, we also know our guests may need to have some food or ingredients to hand without wanting to travel far, which is why we have our small own shop inside Vale Paraíso, that has the basic products such as: Bread, eggs… . Also, there are two big supermarkets close by Vale Paraiso. Only 2 minutes by car: Continental & Lidl.


For whatever the reason; for your day-to-day shopping or to make sure you don’t forget anything, or maybe so that your baggage is lighter, and your worries are gone, it is all about your comfort. 


Come and visit our shop!