Environmental Policy

In order to protect Nazaré and the biodiversity that surrounds it, we have changed our Environmental Policy. We intend to give back to those who do everything for us.

Vale Paraíso is inserted in an ecological reserve, near one of the most wild and unexplored coasts in Portugal. As such, we do not only want to enjoy but to reciprocate. In order to protect the natural characteristics of Nazaré and the biodiversity that surrounds it, we change our behavior.
Due to our privileged location, in the dense Leiria National Park, 2 km from the center of Nazaré, we have progressed to protect the environment that surrounds us. Without undermining the comfort and well-being of our customers we aim to evolve our Environmental Policy in an even more ecological perspective.
Vale Paraíso's NaturPark
renewable energies and environmental policy

Renewable Energies

We promote the use of renewable energy and reduce consumption. We use solar energy in all building blocks and resorts. We have over 40 solar collectors throughout the Eco Resort. We installed biomass boilers in areas with more affluence for the water heating of the park. We have reduced the use of fossil fuels by about 90% and consequently CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
All the lamps we use are low consumption, allowing us a significant saving of electricity consumption without removing comfort to our customers. All electrical equipment is Energy Efficient Class A or higher. We use washer and dryers and dishwashers in their maximum load capacity and, whenever possible, in empty hours, for greater use of the renewable energies produced in Portugal.
We turn to a certified company to carry out energy efficiency studies and follow-up of the measures. This way we can contribute to the minimization of our carbon footprint.
Biodiversity and NaturPark Vale Paraíso Environmental Policy


We emphasize the importance of preserving the fauna and flora characteristic of Nazaré. We seek to reconcile biodiversity with human existence and our employees are a fundamental element for the fulfillment of our Environmental Policy. From nesting boxes that are great places for birds and small mammals to nest. The maintenance and treatment of the pine forest where we are inserted. We renew yearly the green areas of our Eco Resort and Naturpark with a plantation of 80 pines, cactus, succulents and other autochthonous species. Our irrigation systems use a drop-by-drop system to minimize waste of water helping to maintain green spaces. We recognize composting as our ally. A simple, economical and ecologically sustainable process and a great alternative to chemical fertilizers that reduces the amount of organic waste that goes to landfills.
Waste Management and Environmental Policy of Vale Paraíso

Waste Management

We enable the selective collection of urban waste. We spread recycling banks through all areas, both in the Eco Resort and in the areas of camping and caravanning. We also have an recycling bank located in the center of our space where customers and employees put the used batteries. Used oils are properly shipped and all consumables are recycled. We use, whenever possible, recycled paper in the various disposable goods such as toilet paper, envelopes, photocopies, restaurant cards and hand wipes. Also several dispensers of bags for dogs and cats are spread by the enterprise. We allow in many areas access to animals as such, picking up the excrement of our pets is part of the education with the other customers of Vale Paraíso’s NaturPark.